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I'm Michèle Ouellet

A painter living in Canada

« Travelling, lets you see the world. Painting, allows us to project this vision of the world. »

Passionate about drawing and artistic creation since she was a child, the Quebec born artist from Sayabec began taking classes in 1997 to perfect her painting technique with several painters such as Charla Maarschalk, William Hosner, Denis Jacques, Claude Texier, Juan Cristobal, Jack Pardue and Jean Letarte. She discovers dry pastel for which she has a real love at first sight and explores its multiple facets. She then takes pleasure in drawing portraits and life scenes for which she receives awards and some recognition.

In order to devote herself actively to her professional career in the health and social services network in Quebec, she put aside her artistic career for 10 years. At the same time, she travels and photographs through her artistic eye life scenes and landscapes that she brings back each time in her suitcase. She quickly becomes overwhelmed by this irresistible desire to transpose into a work, the spectacle of colors that is offered to her and emotions of all kinds that she perceives.

Today, she paints in oil and acrylic. She discovers herself through her travels and this new medium. The expression of her art manifests itself through the precision of her brushstrokes, the play of light and shadow and the brightness of her entire color palette. Inspiring portraits and landscapes with vivid and dynamic colors that translate the emotion and movement of his works, imbued with a striking realism. The artist stops time to make us travel, to give a soul to what she sees, to what she has seen.

Enter the "world according to Michèle"...

2016—University of Montreal (Canada)—Master of Health Services Administration, option quality management and patient safety
2011—University of Quebec in Montreal (Canada)—Master of Social Work
2006—University of Quebec in Montreal (Canada)—Certificate in literary creation
1993—University of Sherbrooke (Canada)—Bachelor of Social Work

30 years of experience in animation, training and project management
2004-2005—Psec, Comité 10e anniversaire—Organisation de l’exposition internationale
2003—Festival Jeunesse—Coordonnatrice de projet culturel (art de scène, visuel et littéraire)—Varennes (Canada)
2003—Journée de la culture—Atelier de création—École JP Labarre—Varennes (Canada)
2001-2003—Ateliers création—École Le Carrefour—Varennes (Canada)
2003—Lancement Publicart—MRC Lajemmerais (Canada)
2002—Adaptation d’une pièce de théâtre—Le génie du crime—Troupe amateur, L’annexe T
1997—Membre du comité de lecture—Éditions Québec-Amérique

Upon request

2020—Atelier avec Charla Maarschalk (26 hrs)
2009—Pastel workshop with William Hosner (35 hrs)
2006—Pastel workshop with Claude Texier (14 hrs)
2005—Pastel workshop with Jack Pardue (28 hrs)
2005—Portrait workshop with Denis Jacques (28 hrs)
2003—Career Management (28 hrs)
2002—Live Model Workshops—Gallery Philippe—Rosemère (Canada) (18 hrs)
2000-2002—Oil and dry pastel workshop—Juan Cristobal—Boucherville (Canada) (204 hrs)
1997-1999—ABA—Workshop: Drawing-Composition (250 hrs), Living model (18 hrs), History of art (45 hrs), Critique of painting (45 hrs)—Varennes (Canada)
1999—Oil workshop—Jean Letarte—Boucherville (Canada)

2020—Canada Council for the Arts, obtained professional artist status
2020—Art x Terra
2003-2006—CMCC, Professional member
2001-2007—Pastel Society of Eastern Canada
2001-2007—Varenn’art—Varennes (Canada)

2003—Donor artist for the Children's Disease Research Foundation


I also make custom works.

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My exhibits, publications, collections and mentions

Group shows
  • 2021—Online exhibition—Figurative Portrait—
  • 2021—Online exhibition—Art for chalet—
  • 2020—Online exhibition—Injustice—
  • 2007—Pastel exhibition—Gallery du Ruisseau—Laval (Canada)
  • 2006—Pastel exhibition—Gallery In Vivo—Montreal (Canada)
  • 2006—International Pastel Fair—Giverny (France)—Selection by jury
  • 2005—International Pastel Fair—Verbania (Italie)—Selection by jury
  • 2005—Pastel international—Giverny (France)—Selection by jury
  • 2005—International Pastel Fair—Ogilvy—Montreal (Canada)—Selection by jury
  • 2004—Pastel Toujours—Musée historique de Knowltown—Knowlton (Canada)
  • 2004—Launch of Plumes et Pinceaux 2005
  • 2004—International Pastel Fair—Yvetot, Normandie (France)—Selection by jury
  • 2007, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001—Les pastellistes, Psec—Ogilvy—Montreal (Canada)—Selection by jury
  • 2003—Trésors de pastel—Musée Marius Barbeau—Saint-Joseph de Beauce (Canada)—Selection by jury
  • 2003—Press conference—Publicart—MRC Lajemmerais (Canada)
  • 2001-2002—Exhibition-competition—Ville de Laprairie (Canada)—Selection by jury
  • 2001—Exhibition-competition—Musée des beaux-arts—Mont-Saint-Hilaire (Canada)
  • 2001—Académie Sylvia Araya—Boucherville (Canada)
  • 2000—Montreal International Fine Arts Fair—Montreal (Canada)—Selection by jury
  • 1999—Exhibition-competition—Boucherville (Canada)
  • 1999—Multipixel Center—Varennes (Canada)
  • 1997—Arts and Fine Arts Academy—Varennes (Canada)
  • 2007—Guide de Roussan
  • 2007—Agenda Plumes et Pinceaux
  • 2006—Agenda Plumes et Pinceaux
  • 2006—Livre international L’art du pastel—Édition en France—Selection by jury
  • 2005—Catalogue d’exposition, Exposition internationale de Psec—Ogilvy—Montreal (Canada)—Selection by jury
  • 2005—Agenda Plumes et Pinceaux
  • 2005—Catalogue d’exposition Psec—Membre signataire—Selection by jury
  • 2004—Catalogue d’exposition Psec—Membre signataire—Selection by jury
  • 2004—CD-rom-Exposition—Yvetot, Normandie (France)—Selection by jury
  • 2004—Carte de Noël—Sécurité publique de la Ville de Montreal, Montreal (Canada)
  • 2004—Catalogue d’exposition—Publicart
  • 2003—Carte de Noël—Sécurité publique de la Ville de Montreal, Montreal (Canada)
  • 2003—Agenda Plumes et Pinceaux
  • 2003—CD-rom, Exposition—Société de pastel de l’est du Canada—Selection by jury
  • 2003—Catalogue d’exposition—Publicart
  • 2002—Page couverture d’un guide Visez la santé
  • 2002—Journal La Seigneurie, Publi-reportage
Solo exhibitions
  • 2003—Bureau du député provincial, Bernard Landry
  • 2003—Inauguration de Publicart—Banque Nationale du Canada
  • 2001-2002—Bibliothèque Jacques-Lemoyne—Varennes (Canada)
  • 2002—Varennes’art—Varennes (Canada)
  • 2020——Galerie virtuelle
  • 2000-2002—Gallery Saibam—Montreal (Canada)
  • 2003-2005—
  • 2003-2007—
  • Sales of works in France, United States, Quebec
  • Private corporate collections
    • 2021—Archie
    • 2020—PSO Patric Saint-Onge CPA
  • Municipal Public Collections
    • 2003—Acquisitions of works—City of Varennes (Canada)
  • 2007—1st prize, scene of life—Exhibition The Pastellists—Ogilvy—Montreal (Canada)
  • 2005—Favorite of Ginette Reno—International exhibition of pastel—Ogilvy—Montreal (Canada)
  • 2002—Silver medal—Montreal International Fine Arts Fair—Montreal (Canada)

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